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rainkius' Recycle Bin - Where I toss stuff that has been sitting on my HDD for way too long. Feel free to browse. Exits are conveniently located all around you.

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First off: Hey guys, I'm not dead. Also, I pretty much switched to TS3, after resisting for so long. And it's really freaking awesome. :[ Aaaaaaand I've learned to create certain things for it and I'm hoping to be more active, because there's lots of stuff I want for it.

Here are some old GoS Christmas in July and Secret Santa  things I made, that I didn't link up above, or didn't get shared.
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I made a few sims to play through university a bit ago, and I just fell in love with them. I created them in game, so they aren't as unique looking as a Bodyshop made sim, but I really quite like them. Jack especially, even though he is - the horror - a face 1 sim (I think). It's so hard to make sims in game that aren't completely fugly, since I hadn't planned ahead or anything.  I loved him so much, I finally made a banner for my journal, featuring him.

Teaser Pics:

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I didn't really want to upload these to GoS with my other base-game offerings, so I figured I'd just dump them here. I have a few of the base game female swimsuits that I started - I've Pooklet'd and Retro-Aelia'd a big .psd for each already, I just haven't imported them all because I'm feeling a bit lazy. Also I need to start working on my secret santa gift (gonna try my hand at object creation - cross your fingers that I am successful at creating some new clutter!) very soon.

(Seriously, the "Making One Continuous Mistake" one is the shirt I need to be wearing currently. And if I had money I would buy most of these shirts IRL.)
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No Mesh Needed - Base Texture & Alpha by Fanseelamb - Graphics by John Campbell 

(The LGBTerrific! shirt looks really great in game - I already have 2 sims wearing it and it's one of my favorites.)
No Mesh Needed - Base Texture & Alpha by Fanseelamb - Graphics by Jeph Jacques

I'm going to try using Aquilegia's tutorial on texture-referencing clothing recolors to easily convert these for FA, TF, and TM. I'm not sure how I missed it previously... I am such a sucker for space-saving things like that.
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Since these are (mostly) the updates of the recolors I've done, I'm not doing new posts or anything. When I get to posting the new stuff (whenever I've got time for that, DAMMIT real-life!), I'll create new posts and titles for them. They'll be stored in the folder for easy grabbing, and include pictures and meshes in the .rar for downloading convenience.

Project Mediafire Folder: <link>

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OK, so I have been totally lame and have not uploaded any of the hairs I fixed yet. Real Life is being busy and sucky and I haven't had time to work on Sims stuff as much as I wanted, so they are all like, half finished. But, I have some useful information for people who are recoloring/retexturing hair and other things.
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With the release of Pooklet's actions a few days ago, the idea I have been kicking around in my head for so long finally can be completed.
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First off, I found the problem with my game - and it's a really weird problem. I haven't installed any new hacks since mid-March, and yet suddenly I have a hack conflict. When I load the folders (divided by site, then creator) in individually, I have no problem. So... somehow something magically got corrupted or is conflicting when it wasn't conflicting before?? It makes no damn sense. For the time being simply yanking the folder where I have all my hacks out of the DLs folder is working. This took me like 5 hrs of binary-sorting (by hand) and loading the game (which takes forever x_x) and stressing out that somehow these recolors were the culprit. (They were not, obviously.)
Also I figured out the problem with my USB ports and it's a stupid ass Windows7x64 problem that crops up randomly -- nobody knows what causes it, but the fix was simple enough (you shut down the machine and pop the battery out for a sec - it resets the motherboard, supposedly? Idk, all I care about right now is that it worked.) So that's just great. Yet another mystery computer problem.

My computer hates these recolors, I suspect - sabotaging my game when I tried to get pictures, and then while I was cropping the preview photos, I walked away for a bit and came back to see my computer had mysteriously restarted itself. I had stupidly not saved them yet, and it's not like Photoshop ever recovers things. Bleh. Anyway, here they are, and if I could, I would be tossing them at you with utter disdain, because now I'm just so sick of looking at these and the problems that have accompanied them. So, you know, just imagine a physical form for these .rars and that I'm an angry, punk sales clerk who shoves them across a counter at you, while sneering and muttering darkly. Yes.

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But I have no pictures. Complaining under the cut so you no TL;DR spamming people's reading pages.
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So the other day I was looking for Cowboy Bebop avatars (I lost all the screencaps I took when my old HDD died, and I haven't had time to recap them), and I stumbled across this: http://avatars.animeserve.com/v/Cowboy-Bebop/Spike-Spiegel2.jpg.html
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